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Silapure Silica Supplement Diatomaceous Earth Silica Powder
diatomaceous earth silica

Discover Silapure Silica & Micro Plant Powder

With Orthsilicic Acid and Enhanced, Micronized Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

The Secret to Youthful Looks and Resilient, Vibrant Health

Silica is one of the strongest and most abundantly found minerals on earth and in the body. The body houses more silica than any other mineral – including iron!

Often referred to as 'nature's building block' silica is the key ingredient that enables the body to absorb all of the other essential nutrients it needs to survive! Without silica there is no life!

Silapure Micro Plant Powder or diatomaceous earth is one of the highest quality, purest silica supplements available on the market today containing 80-90% pure silica/silicate minerals. If you want silica in your diet turn to Silapure Micro Plant Powder for the purest silica you'll find anywhere.



Silica Unlocks the Doorway for the Body to Effectively Absorb Desperately Needed Nutrients

As a result of soil depletion, unhealthy eating habits, and foods low in nutrients our bodies are starved for nutrition. Yet despite how many supplements you take or healthy foods you eat without the proper amounts of silica everyday your body is left helpless, unable to absorb these nutrients it so desperately needs to survive.

Research shows that when calcium is taken without the proper levels of silica in the body, it actually leads to further deterioration of the bones and life-robbing osteoporosis.

Silica enables the body to deposit calcium and other essential minerals into the bones, organs, teeth, skin, and other important body parts craving nutrients.

Silica Helps You Stay Flexible, Active, and Youthful

Silapure Silica (which is diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid) unlocks the body's ability to assimilate and use precious nutrients. The effect of silica on bones and joints is incredible. Studies show when silica is taken with calcium the body's self-repairing process for bones and joints is restored.

Silica is the key for minerals to be deposited in bones for optimal bone and joint health.

  • Maintains bone strength*
  • Fights debilitating osteoporosis*
  • Speeds fracture healing time*
  • Restores body's self repair process*
  • Reduces scarring at fracture sites*
  • Improves joint health*
  • Relieves back pain by hydrating spinal discs for healthy alignment*

Silica Keeps Skin Healthy, Glowing and Wrinkle-Free

Silica is found abundantly in collagen which we know is the most needed component to maintain youthful, healthy skin. The best way to keep your skin youthful is from the inside out and Micro Plant Powder gives your body the silica it needs to maintain radiant skin.

Silica in Micro Plant Powder has enhanced diatomaceous earth which is food grade and has been shown to slow the tissue degeneration leading to aged, sagging, worn looking skin. Silica also supports collagen production (known as the skin's 'glue') to keep skin firm and subtle and can help eliminate minor and severe skin problems (acne, eczema, rashes, warts, calluses, age spots)

Silica Gives Hair Shine and Luster while Insuring Strong, Healthy Teeth and Gums

By enabling needed minerals and other nutrients to reach their destinations such as the teeth, and be effectively used, silica brings strength, life, and longevity to your entire body so you can be independent into your senior years and enjoy vibrant good looks even as you age. Diatomaceous Earth and Orthosilicic acid can:

  • Prevents baldness*
  • Encourages healthy hair growth (hair contains about 90 micrograms of silica)*
  • Adds luster, shine, and strength to hair*
  • Prevents cavities and preserves teeth by hardening enamel*
  • Prevents bleeding gums*
  • Stops gum recession leading to tooth loss*
  • Helps keep teeth healthy and strong for life*

Silica Boosts Overall Body Stamina to Encourage Vitality and Optimal Health

The silica you'll get in Micro Plant Powder with food grade diatomaceous earth is one of the purest on the market. It is an amazing 89% pure silica that comes from the accumulation of microscopic plants at the bottom of fresh water sources.

The Micro Plant Powder has a PH level of 8 making it an alkaline food source which is great for the body by keeping all systems clear and balanced for health. Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body.

Micro Plant Powder simply strengthens the body to a point of higher resistance by allowing for an improved immune system.

The list of what silica does for the body is long and extensive; after all without this essential mineral most other nutrients are useless.

More Benefits of Silica and Micro Plant Powder


  • Inhibits coronary disease by strengthening blood vessels and connective tissues*
  • Repairs and maintains lung tissue and elasticity of lungs*
  • Reduces inflammation in the body particularly the intestines and lungs*
  • Stimulates immune system*
  • Strengthens the lymphatic system*
  • Increases energy*
  • Helps to regulate blood pressure*
  • Strengthens blood vessels*
  • Stimulates cell metabolism and division*
  • Maintains bowel health*
  • Decreases unpleasant menopause symptoms*
  • Fights middle ear inflammation*
  • Lowers high cholesterol*
  • Fights Alzheimer's disease by inhibiting absorption of dangerous aluminum*
  • Helps to maintain an alkaline environment in the body with a pH of 8 (diseases will not grow in alkaline environments)*


Silica Absorbs Toxins and Pathogens in the Body that lead to Degenerative Diseases

Not only does silica enable the body to use other nutrients, it also acts as a natural detoxifier to get rid of the dangerous toxins and pathogens lingering in your body that eventually lead to disease. Diatomaceous earth is a very good internal cleanser or detoxifier of all kinds of:

  • Heavy metals
  • Parasites
  • Fungus
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Molds
  • Mycotoxins


Don't be fooled by imitations or cheap versions claiming to contain silica.

What is the Dosage?

By taking just 20-30 mgs of micro plant powder, or 3 heaping tablespoons, you can drastically increase the health of your body. The benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth have a very natural detoxifying and cleansing positive effect.

One gram of Micro Plant Powder has a surface area of over 8,600 square feet of pure absorption surface with a strong negative charge. The greater the surface area the greater the absorption of toxins. It simply vacuums the body of garbage that is not needed or wanted.

Micro Plant Powder is Easy to Drink

With just three tablespoons of Micro Plant Powder a day you'll get the amazing, life giving benefits you need to live life full of good health, endless energy, and vigor. Add it to your morning juice, smoothie or whatever you choose.

It's odorless and tasteless so it blends perfectly.

You don't have to worry about getting too much silica; the body will safely and automatically eliminate it through its natural processes.

We Guarantee Your Complete 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

If you want to feel good, look even better, and live your life as you were meant to with youthful vigor and optimal health give your body the silica it desperately needs with one of a kind Micro Plant Powder.

Diatomaceous Earth and its amazing health benefits

Diatomaceous earth or D.E. has numerous advantageous effects, but it's the anti-aging effect that is the most pronounced as we observed until now.
Diatomaceous Earth is a fossilized deposit of microscopic shells produced by one-celled plants known as Diatoms. These plants inhabit in all of the waters of the world, and function as the fundamental food for marine existence. Just like grass, it may be the fundamental food for land creatures. Its basic compounds consist of silica, magnesium, calcium, and sodium, iron along with other minerals the body requires to remain healthy. All Diatomaceous Earth is 84 percent Silicon Dioxide.

In 1939, Nobel Prize Physician Butenant demonstrated the significance of silica for the entire existence itself. Silica is an essential trace aspect in the human health. It plays a huge role in lots of bodily functions. The body constantly holds 7 grams of silica, a sum far exceeding the figures for other important minerals. Years back, the silica present in our food products was sufficient for the bodily needs. However, with present day hybrid cars and depleted soils, no more than 1/3 from the silica needed is provided within our food.

Diatomaceous Earth has a structure like a cylinder filled with holes. This cylinder includes a quite strong negative charge, while bad bacteria and toxins have a positive charge. Due to this, when the cylinders reach the stomach and digestive system, they attract and absorb fungi, protozoa, infections, endotoxins, pesticide sprays and drug deposits, E-Coli, and heavy metals. They are trapped within the cylinder and eliminated from body. Additionally, any bigger unwanted organisms which are within the stomach or digestive system are also eliminated with the help of D.E.

In conclusion, these are only the detoxing benefits of Diatomaceous Earth, and there is more to them, such as:

  • -regularizes going number 2 – one of the most pointed out benefit about D.E.
  • -produces a cleaner colon, helping to ward off polyps, cancer and stomach problems)
  • -gives elevated energy and reduces the need for sleep
  • -reduces inflammation in the digestive tract
  • -helps you to normalize hemorrhoidal tissue
  • -relieves back discomfort that's triggered by a too-full colon

But the health advantages of D.E. only start with colon detoxing. Other advantages of Diatomaceous Earth could be organized on three concepts: general health, anti-aging and weight reduction.

General Silapure Silica Health Advantages:

  • -helps to repair vital lung tissue and safeguards the lungs from pollution
  • -reduces high blood pressure levels
  • -reduces high cholesterol levels
  • -addresses brittle bones and joint pains
  • -functions like an anti-cough agent and tones top of the respiratory system
  • -reduces swelling due to its positive action on the lymphatic system
  • -helps to prevent many undesirable results of menopause
  • -helps to prevent kidney gemstones
  • -heals infections in the urinary system, being a natural diuretic which could increase excretion of urine by 30 %, thus eliminating water-removing system and rebuilding normal function to those vital organs
  • -effective with female discharge, abscesses and stomach problems within the sex organs and cervix, too as mastitis (specifically for breastfeeding moms)
  • -functions like an encouraging strategy to inflammation from the middle ear (good at reducing swelling from the lymph nodes within the throat)
  • -has anti-inflammatory effects being a disinfectant
  • -normalizes circulation and adjusts high bloodstream pressure (hypertension)
  • -decreases vertigo, headache, tinnitus (buzzing from the ears) and insomnia
  • -encourages synthesis of elastase inhibitor through the pancreas, thus assisting to normalize diabetes
  • -fortifies bloodstream ships
  • -helps to prevent T.B.
  • -enhances the elasticity from the joints helps rheumatism
  • -encourages metabolic process for greater levels of energy

Diatomaceous Earth Silica Weight Reduction:

One benefit of silica is it helps you to destroy the bad fat. Taken each morning, it will help to curb the appetite during the day.

Diatomaceous Earth Silica Anti-Aging:

Hair (90 micrograms per gram) needs nearly as much silica as bones (100 micrograms per gram). Eating D.E., due to its high content of silica, participates at any ongoing hair revitalization program. Silica helps you to prevent hair loss, encourages more healthy hair regrowth and assures beautiful shine, luster and strength.

D.E. can serve as nature's internal cosmetic for skin, nails and teeth in addition to hair. The collagen beneath the skin improves elasticity and appearance. Collagen is basically comprised of silica. As we grow older, tissue degeneration speeds up because our collagen starts to not retain moisture. Silica helps you to decelerate the degenerative/moisture-losing procedure implied by aging.

Silica also safeguards our teeth and gums. By solidifying the enamel, silica prevents tooth decay and preserves the teeth healthy. Silica likewise helps to avoid bleeding gums, gum atrophy, and recession.

Finally but not at all less important, silica might help avoid or alleviate Alzheimer's disease by stopping our brain cells to absorb aluminum.

Silapure Silica contains both Enhanced Diatomaceous Earth and Orthosilicic acid.

*Disclaimer: None of the statements above have been approved by the FDA.


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