Mother Nature’s FIRST superfood – Colostrum

February 22, 2011

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Have you ever wondered how people treated themselves before the antibiotics? Or before medicine appeared? How could they live without the today’s “wonder-pills”? Well… the answer is simple. The nature has always offered reliable treatments for any health problems of the humankind.

It is a religious theory which says that before creating the man, God separated the salty water from the drinking water, also created the Earth with its creatures and planted a garden. All of these were made by God so the man can live its life without having to worry for anything, so the nature to fulfill all his needs.

What is Colostrum and which are its functions in the human body?

Before the antibiotics were invented, the main source of immunoglobulin used to fight against infections was colostrum. In fact, the Albert Sabin’s oral polio vaccine was created with immunoglobulin extracted from bovine colostrum. After the antibiotic treatment became available, people started to decrease their interest in colostrum as a health cure. This was a huge mistake and now, when the antibiotics can no longer handle the resistant pathogens, colostrum is back into people and scientists’ attention.

But what exactly is colostrum? The colostrum, also known colloquially as “the first milk”, is a type of milk produced by the mammary glands of all mammals in the last period of pregnancy and the first 48 hours after giving birth. The 87 growth and 97 immune factors of colostrum have enormous curative capacities in: fighting viruses, bacteria mycosis, parasites, protecting the digestive system. Also, the colostrum restores all the body tissues and muscles, stimulates the nerve cells and brain activity, regulates the blood sugar and cholesterol. Colostrum heals the heart and brain’s lesions and has a role in detoxifying and protecting the cardio-vascular system. All these amazing effects of this “miraculous milk” are essential to any new-born mammal in the first hours of life.

Which are the most important compounds that Colostrum features?

Colostrum contains specific antibodies which fight 19 microbial pathogens: Rotavirus, Helicobacter pylori, Cryptosporidium, Salmonella, Candida albicans, streptococci, staphylococci, E. Coli, etc. Therefore, immunoglobulin IgA – protects against any bacteria, digestive and respiratory tract mucosa, immunoglobulin-IgD is antiviral, and helps lymphocytes to reach maturity, immunoglobulin IgE – antiviral, antiallergenic, anti-parasites, increases cellular sensitivity to the insulin receptor, immunoglobulin IgM, immunoglobulin IgG – the body’s most important immunoglobulin which neutralizes the blood and lymph’s toxins and microbes, crosses the placenta and protects both the fetus and newborn.

How is Surthrival colostrum manufactured and why this is the best colostrum available?

The raw material used for the Surthrival product is the colostrum collected within 6 hours from the birth of the calf. This Colostrum is the only independent 3rd party verified true “6 hour” Colostrum.  The collected milk is freeze-dried at a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. Low temperature processing preserves the content and bioavailability of the product. Pasteurization process (which destroys the enzymes) is not applied to any stage in the manufacture of this product.

What can Surthrival Colostrum do for the human body’s health?

Surthrival Colostrum reduces infections and prevents them from recurring. It balances the immune system and it can be administrated to anyone, even to people with autoimmune diseases. There are no side effects of this nutritional supplement. The wide spectrum of probiotics in Surthrival Colostrum will only bring you vitality, health and youth!

If you want to know more about Colostrum and natural supplements feel free to visit us more and ask any questions. A healthier Tomorrow starts Today…

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