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ResVante Reserve - Liquid Resveratrol


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Resvante is the first and only trans-resveratrol liquid supplement!


Resvante represents a leap in potent anti-aging solutions through trans-resveratrol, a red wine food property possessing enzymatic sirtuin longevity gene activation properties.

It has been gaining widespread recognition as being a promising discovery to significantly increase not only longevity but quality of life.

The knowledge of just how impactful this substance is lies in the realm of epigenetics, a science encompassing gene expressions and underlying DNA sequences.

Resvante is the first and only non-prescription trans-resveratrol product to have published and certified human SIRT1 gene activation testing results.

Resvante provides a specialized red wine complex with nutrients key in prolonging effectiveness through metabolic channeling.

Sourced from French wine country. Provides the benefits of concentrated red wine without the alcohol.

Resvante is Vegetarian/Vegan friendly

Resvante is also Delicious Tasting!

Resvante is a highly specialized trans-resveratrol dietary supplement formulated with BOTH high-potency trans-resveratrol and a proprietary blend of red wine and citrus flavonoids.


The Potency Factor:

  • While trans-resveratrol is found in red wine, it' found in a very low concentration. Researchers have found the amount of trans-resveratrol needed to significantly activate human genes in clinical studies vastly exceeded the amount of wine that would ever be healthy to drink.
  • Resvante contains 99.9% pure, tested and acknowledged trans-resveratrol at a clinically effective and potent concentration.

The Nutrient Delivery Factor

  • Resveratrol is a nutrient that is only moderately absorbed from the human gut – and the absorptive efficiency of the body decreases as we age.
  • Unlike tablet and pill products, the advanced nutrient delivery system of Resvante solves this issue through its proprietary and "activated" liquid design which maximizes the absorptive potential of trans-resveratrol.

The Safety Factor

  • Most resveratrol used in nutritional products is of low quality and imported from questionable locations where quality and human rights are not a priority. Plus, the manufacturing locations of the finished store-shelf products are often kept hidden from the consumer, even within the United States.
  • Comprehensive pesticide, herbicide, heavy metal and microbial testing on all Resvante phytonutrient ingredients
  • Contains no fillers or binders, no additives, no artificial flavors or colors, no animal products
  • Resvante is manufactured in the USA at the Eniva Nutraceutics state-of-the-art tested and inspected facility under strict governmental GMPs The RESERVE Factor
  • Only Resvante delivers tested and acknowledged trans-resveratrol from the French wine country in an activated liquid design with synergistic cofactors and a proprietary red wine extract complex (RWEC).


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