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Why Take Liquid Minerals?

Because it's ALL About the Minerals...

Minerals are one of the most important factors to obtain full body human health. Minerals can be considered frequencies of information, light, and creation for the physical world and the universe in which we live in. The Earth we stand on is made of minerals. Our body is also made of minerals.

Without minerals we could not exist as minerals are the builders of our system. The human body composition is entirely made up of water and minerals. Without essential trace minerals and minerals we could not survive.

There are a total of 90 minerals which 23 are considered key minerals including 16 major minerals and seven trace minerals.

All minerals to some degree are needed for the body to function at its highest level. It is very important that essential major minerals as well as trace minerals are replenished and replaced in the system there water-soluble ionic forms. It is best to look for angstrom sized minerals.

Without minerals vitamins could not exist. Minerals activate all the catalyst for enzymatic reactions in the body. They also activate vitamins as well. Minerals are also the basis of all cellular and organ structures and in fact they activate all the organ structures in the body.

Our bodies need minerals even more than we need vitamins because at any given moment the body is experiencing many complicated chemical and electrical processes that allow us to function as humans. If we do not have the proper minerals being supplied to our system then we won't operate as well.

There are hundreds of minerals, ionic minerals, and trace minerals that allow the body to function. Every second of everyday the human body relies on these minerals to help generate billions of electrical impulses that run every part of the body.

Therefore, mineral supplementation is VITAL to sustaining your health and longevity. Below you will find a list of THE BEST and most powerful liquid mineral supplements in the market place today.

For a mineral to be efficient and utilized by the body at an intracellular level, it must be in angstrom size particles. It is only the angstrom sized level or ionic form of minerals that can enter ourselves and activate the proper DNA structures so the body can carry out the correct functions.

If you did not know or have not heard of the word angstrom, it is named after John angstrom and is 1/1000 of a micron and one millionth of a meter.

While this may seem like it is not important the significance of this information is that most mineral supplements on the market today are larger than micron sizes which is very alarming when you consider how small angstrom sized minerals really are.

I know this may seem hard to understand but particles that are micron in size will however be absorbed by the blood in the body but they are far too large to get inside the nuclear this of the cell and to be absorbed and used.

That is why it is vitally important to make sure that your minerals are of angstrom size because these particles will travel through the cells if your body does not need them it will simply excrete them and not allow buildup of minerals which could potentially lead and create toxicity in the tissues.

The larger forms will stay in the blood stream and can potentially create deposits in various tissue locations. We now know this because we have the science and technology and information to observe the roots of plants and mother nature that are designed to break down the soil and absorbed and utilize the mineral particles and angstrom size.

Once we understand what plants do we can then see how the human body utilizes minerals from the foods that we eat. Just like the plants, us humans do not store large-size particles because we cannot assimilate them and put them to use. Angstrom sized minerals are key to optimal mineral absorption.

Although it is important to note that larger mineral forms can help us on some level, this help is minimal and short-term and will eventually lead to toxic overload through buildup in the tissues. What is interesting to know about this, is that one of the most effective ways to pull out these large unusable minerals is to provide the same mineral in the perfect size which is angstrom size.

Angstrom sized minerals act as the building blocks for more than 6000 different enzymes needed for optimal healthy function in our bodies. In essence, minerals take us to every formation of life.

High mineral food and supplements create healthy humans

as we mentioned before, we have learned more about human health by studying plant life and plant health. By doing so, for human health, the mineral elements need to be linked with a special kind of carbon atom and green plants that in turn converts it to angstrom sized minerals that our bodies can use.

As we have studied and seen how nature works, we can now see and understand the role of plants and how they convert the inorganic elements into the organic mineral compounds that created the angstrom sized minerals which we can use and absorbed on intracellular level.

If any of you have known or can see the difference in that healthy food is highly mineralized and would usually have more taste as well is better taste.

It is important to say and act upon in that we need to mimic nature in our health and not think that we are smarter than nature by using chemical supplements and artificial ingredients. The natural law is: the more mineralized the soil, the healthier the plants are, and the more disease resistant they are. The healthier the individuals are those who eat the highly mineralized plants.

The Biochemistry of Humans is in the Minerals...

Hopefully you have read the first part of this and now have some level of appreciation for the importance of minerals and how they are needed to carry out nearly every function in the body at a high level.

We can now see how minerals in the biochemistry of humans effect each other. When we say this we are referring to energy.

Minerals carry the holistic vibrations of all life. Just as gems are made of minerals so are we humans. But unlike gems humans are little more complex and have a little bit more of them complex makeup.

It may be common knowledge that phosphorous and calcium makeup teeth and bones; or that iron is an important mineral element in the blood, but it is how you get and receive these minerals is what is important.

When we are mineral deficient and lacks certain ones, the corresponding body tissues and organs that they support on the energetic level will become impaired, damaged, and vulnerable to the aging and disease process. That is why we need mother nature and the plants to process these minerals to angstrom sized so that we can absorb the minerals and received the energy and life force they have.

You can start to realize how plants with the help of sunlight taking basic minerals from the air, water, and the earth and make them cell ready by making them angstrom size. If you are looking at it from a mineral point of view, all disease and disorder conditions begin with a mineral deficiency or a toxic substance that we have put in our bodies.

Complete Mineral Chart & Benefits

Although it may be hard to understand or grasp the idea of, each mineral has a particular chemical function and personality through its vibration that will activate the life of your cells and the functions of your tissues and organs in a perfect way one supplied with the correct minerals. Your body has an innate intelligence and will know what to do when given the right ingredients which include your whole foods and natural health supplements.

Now all minerals are important and have their own advantages and functions throughout the body the seven most important minerals to know about or keep your mind on our calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, iodine, oxygen and phosphorus.

While these seven may need the most attention and have the most functionality in the body all minerals are like all members of a team, you need every mineral present for the whole body to be on the same page and works at optimum levels.

Minerals Summary - Mineral Supplements are KEY!

The most important thing to remember about all minerals that their frequencies of light, information, and consciousness in the more minerals present in the body the easier it is for the body to maintain optimal health and high energy levels each and every day.

It is very important to understand and recognize that minerals play a more explicit role in the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of life. Appropriate levels of all minerals are important for an optimal and healthy lifestyle.


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