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Liquid Vitamins Leader is more than a Liquid Vitamin Store... Our mission is to provide Advanced Liquid Nutrition!

Liquid Vitamins Leader Natural Vitamins and Minerals

The human body is a Matrix of mysterious complex systems which all work together as ONE.

By treating the body as a whole (systemic health), we can begin to understand what the proper whole foods, vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplementation can do for you. Through proper education and guidance, and your strong determination to be healthy, we ALL can experience the highest quality of life and energy in 2011!

If you are truly ready to be healthy... Then you have come to the right place!

Through our unique cellular and systemic whole body detoxification cleanse program, we can show you a life-changing path for an energetically-enhanced whole body transformation that is well over-do for most of us! In a sense, NOW is time to "reprogram our biochemistry".

Who is Liquid Vitamins Leader?

Liquid Vitamins Leader is a group of individuals who are driven and determined to educate and motivate the world in advanced liquid nutrition by way of healthy nutritional supplements and natural vibrant energy. Through years of scientific research and product development, we have put together one of the most comprehensive and effective natural body cleansing detox protocols available today.

Liquid Vitamins Leader is the "Leader" of Cellular and Systemic Detoxification.

Our flagship supplement Silapure Silica offers an amazing cellular cleansing and systemic detoxification properties that are simply unmatched. When combined with our natural vitamin and mineral supplementation, our unique, one of a kind Whole Body Detox program is providing amazing results for our customers and health benefits anyone should desire!

Our slogan is “a healthier tomorrow starts today” and our natural vitamin supplements are dedicated for the PURIFICATION of mind, body, and soul, as ONE. We recognize the body as ONE, or a 'system of systems', and our systemic detox cleanse addresses the body as a WHOLE, where all systems are interdependent upon one another.

Systemic health is a unique concept that agrees we are a "system of systems" where each individual part influences and interacts with the whole body as one. Systemic detoxification allows for systemic health preservation which is designed to correct and prevent chronic health conditions. These 'system-wide' systems within the body can be broken down into 3 major categories: Vitality Function, Blood Function, and Neurological Function. In 2011, cellular and systemic body cleansing is a must!

We hope our Liquid Vitamins & Minerals can improve the quality of your life!

Throughout your entire time spent here the single most important message we want to send is clear: help enhance your overall goals of personal health and sense of well-being. It is not by chance or accident that you found us and are in need of a possible "health makeover".

We believe that physical rejuvenation is a fact and perpetual youth is a possibility for those with vital expression towards life-long super-health. We must recognize the fact that the body is a self-starting, self-building, and self-renewing machine when provided with the right ingredients (vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc) without the toxins (environmental, water, agriculture, etc).

All of our natural supplements are made with 100% PURE LOVE and will help REVITALIZE a healthy lifestyle. There is not one nutritional supplement on this site that we do not personally take for amazing health benefits.

**If this is your first visit here and are on a time crunch, we suggest you go here and read about our “WHERE TO GET STARTED, PurePack COMBO” where we outline a BASIC/FOUNDATIONAL supplement regime package that is providing amazing results to hundreds of our current customers**

Why Natural Liquid Vitamins & Minerals Supplementation?

Health Supplements and Vitamin Minerals
The question now becomes why taking extra vitamins and minerals and other nutrition supplements are worth your time and money as well as eating good quality foods and water??

The answer is every healthy person has an innate regulatory system with self-healing powers, which ensure or reestablish the natural balance of all of your bodily functions, this is commonly known as "homeostasis." We can think of this as a self defense, or self-protecting system which guards against poor nutrition and bad habits.

When this natural balance gets turned upside down due to poor dies, stress, environment or just life in general, disease of the body begins to "spread" on a cellular, mental, and physical level.

When it comes to our body, it's not the doctor that heals, nor the medication, instead it's our own innate intelligence and ability to regenerate ourselves IF provided the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. If you support your body with the right nutritional materials, in the right balance and form, you can begin the amazing path of whole body ascension!

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, once said, “A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings”. We truly believe, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and in today’s toxic world, ironically, health is at an all time peak and an all time crisis.

This means practicing healthy daily habits and eating natural, organic whole foods high in nutrients is only the foundation.

Unfortunately, additional vitamin and mineral supplements are necessary to enhance and optimize your body‘s natural energy levels! We believe the body is meant and designed to be healthy, and that a healthy body will do what it is required to do when given the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients!

The 2 Most Important Factors in Choosing Supplements

Liquid Vitamins And Minerals Healthy Food and Natural Supplements

Unlike many other vitamin supplements and health companies, our unique and hand-selected products go through a strict evaluation process before being shared as a recommended best supplement on Liquid Vitamins Leader. We formulate and supply only advanced nutritional supplements with real science and proven formulations to back them.

Our liquid vitamin and mineral supplements strongly emphasize the 2 MOST IMPORTANT factors when it comes to choosing the best supplements for ultimate purification.

1. QUALITY Sourced Ingredients

Raw Sources, Organic Ingredients, and FDA Certified Technology Liquid Vitamins Leader is honored and committed to only providing and formulating products that will bring the most value to your life.

We have made sure ALL of our ingredients in our nutrition supplements are gathered from quality, organic sources. The technology used for each and every product is dedicated to the effectiveness and efficacy of each health supplement to provide real results for you!

Our quality and raw source production standards are NEVER compromised for profit and it is the DECIDING factor that takes our superior company to the next level of advanced liquid nutrition.


Liquid Nutritional Health Supplements

Proven Products = Real Results and Real Health Benefits

We have assembled a team of health experts who are very diverse in natural medicine, holistic nutrition, and dietary supplements. We combine all of those with top notch educational health information in a way so you can achieve the health results you are looking for WITHOUT wasting your TIME and MONEY.

Whether you are looking to achieve optimal health by pushing your body to the limits, regain focus and mental clarity, or simply looking to feel “normal” again, LVL is passionate about helping you! With the proper regimen we all have the potential to achieve our own pinnacle of health!

How Can YOU Become Healthy Again? - Join Our MOVEMENT!

Natural Vitamin Supplements and Health Products

You have took Step 1 and that is recognition. Realizing that your current health may be of concern or needs attention is the first and most important step. Life is equivalent to energy.

Life = Energy, Energy = Information.

Life is a constant exchange of energy and information that is coming at us in faster rates than ever before. Awareness on how to improve your health and quality of life is something we try to put on a simple platform so ANY and ALL can benefit and take ACTION!

Step 2 is action. In harmony with a possible diet change, you are HERE searching for a REJUVENATION ACTION PLAN. A high quality, all natural remedy in liquid vitamin and mineral supplements to help enhance your energy, focus, and drive by replenishing and nourishing your life force!

Holistic therapies are significant only when they can be put into practice and proven. That is what we meant by it was no error, accident, or chance that you landed here! We have put our health supplements to the test and the QUALITY and RESULTS speak volumes!

The only thing left for you to decide is DO YOU WANT YOUR HEALTH BACK?!

Step 3 is self-discipline. Good health takes great habits. Self discipline is the gold standard when it comes to taking care of yourself. Nutritional supplements are a great way to balance your whole foods diet to help boost your health to optimal energy levels in our hectic schedules.

It is important to be conscious that you did not get to the level of health you are at today overnight, so you will not heal and become 100% balanced the next night. By first having good thoughts and good words, good deeds will follow naturally.

It's time we ALL come together and get healthy as a species, and that starts with self-discipline and love for yourself! Once this start this human transformation, everyone around you, including your environment and the earth itself will follow! HEALTH is the NEW MOVEMENT!

Nourish & Replenish with Natural Vitamin Supplements

It's A Very Simple 2 Stage Process...

PURIFICATION - OUT with the BAD Stuff - (Detox & Cleanse)
REVITALIZATION - IN with the GOOD Stuff - (Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients)

Liquid Nutritional Health Supplements

We look at dis-ease as an energy deficiency, or lack of energy/information/vitality. It was two time Nobel Prize Winner Linus Pauling, who said "xx mineral". When confronted with disease, we are more or less forced to make a change in our life.

Our body is telling us that we are lacking something. And what we lack is pure, clean vibrant energy! If we have sufficient energy, we will stay strong and healthy!

Our body, from a physical perspective, is nothing but a sum of its elements (vitamins, minerals, nutrients) that come together as molecules in order to build a specific geometrical structure. When getting rid of the bad stuff in our structure(body), like heavy metals and toxins, it will clean out the cells in your body and allow them to be more effective at absorbing vitamins and minerals.

By supplementing your diet with high potency vitamin supplements you will instantly feel energized, clear headed, and have an better sense of overall well being!

Join the LVL Movement today - Start with our UNIQUE and LIFE CHANGING PURIFICATION PACK!