Colostrum helps in the fight with cancer!

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According to statistics, we are getting more and more vulnerable to cancer diseases. It is a fact that cancer diseases attack the body when the immune system is weak, while Colostrum is known to be one of the best additives which can help gain a strong immunity. Cancer cells are created all the time in our body, but the immune system interferes with this and stops them from developing furthermore. When the cancer cells start to develop, it means the immune system is down and these cells used the opportunity to expand the invasion and start the disease. In conclusion, in order to fight the cancer, the immune system has to work perfectly and be as strong as possible. Colostrum helps you to build a strong immune system and contains the antioxidant phytic acid which stops the iron to feed the cancer cells in our body.

The bioactive compounds and some molecules in Colostrum have been studied for longtime, in the purpose of finding their effects over Cancer Cells growth and Apoptosis (programmed cell death). A study made in Sweden revealed the immune Alpha Lactalbumin in Colostrum can destroy the cancer cells and determine them to self-destruct, while the cytokine Interleukin 4 stops the growth of these cells. Colostrum also contains some “natural killer cells” which fight to destroy cancer tumors: Tumor Necrosis Factor, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, proline-rich polypeptide (PRP), and TGF-beta like peptide.

Colostrum helps so much the cancer patients but it doesn’t change the DNA. We are all predisposed to cancer, because the cancer cells in our body are in a latent state, waiting for our immune system to get weaker. Only with a proper diet and some help from health supplements such as the miraculous Colostrum, we can balk these cells to develop and attack our body. There is also a study made by a group of researchers who did the most amazing thing. They injected cows with untreatable cancer cells and collected the Colostrum from these cows, Colostrum which seemed to be containing the specific antibody needed for destroying the cancer cells. The scientists declared that they obtained some obvious results, but more research is needed. Unfortunately, the government, through FDA, closed down the operation. Another study revealed that Colostrum produces interferon and peroxides when it is inside the body. Many cancer patients recovered extremely well after the treatment with these substances.

There is no doubt that Colostrum has a positive impact on cancer patients and that helps through the curing process of this disease. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from cancer disease or not, you should consider adding Colostrum to your nutrition plan. It will not only protect and strengthen your immune system, but it will also make you feel younger and energized. We might have medicine, doctors and pills, but nothing beats Nature when it comes to keeping the perfect balance. Colostrum is nothing but a nature’s miracle, all we have to do is to take advantage of it and be healthy!

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